Find My Friends v 6.1 – v 6.1.3

Close contacts are the ones that you have imported from Facebook Google+ and email, in order to share locations and chat. In this post we will show you how to access various details, such as setting map zones, proximity notifications, location recordings and shortcuts.

So, open the app, and tap the contacts button contacts :


When you open your close contacts list, tap on a contact’s image to set up various details:


You will see this screen:


You have the following options:
chat Start chatting.
map zones Define map zones for this contact.
proximity Set up proximity notifications; note that your friend must constantly send his/her location, and the app will check it every 15′. If he/she is nearby, then you will get notified! 😉
recordings Set up location recordings for this contact or view all existing ones.
shortcuts Create a very convenient shortcut of this contact either on your home screen or as a notification. Then, with a single click you will be able to open the app and start directly looking for your friends location.

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2 thoughts on “Edit close contacts”

    1. Hello Helen, yes your friend should also install the app and provide permission to you to see his/her location. As you understand, we follow this policy in respect of our users privacy.

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