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Find My Friends v 6.1 and above

Find My Friends integrates a powerful chatting system, that allows you to send instant messages, cool stickers, and last (but not least) directly map locations! To start chatting with a friend, open the app and simply tap the chat button chat. photo23 Alternatively, if you have added the app widget and you have already started chatting with a friend, you can directly tap on the widget chat button chat as shown. device-2016-02-02-194720 When chat opens, you will see your last conversation (if any): device-2016-02-02-195604 You have the following options: chat Send an instant message. send sticker Send a sticker! device-2016-02-02-200203 toggle map Toggle the map to send a location. The map will show your current location and your home home (if you have defined it). Tap anywhere on the map to pin-point a location that you wish to send and press the send location button send location. Once your friend receives the location that you sent, he/she can tap on it to open the Google Maps app, and get turn-by-turn navigation! device-2016-02-02-200152 Happy chatting! 🙂
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