About BLEeper

BLEeper is an approach that utilizes low-cost solar-powered water-proof Bluetooth beacons across geo-fenced shoreline areas (land and on coastal water buoys), in order to deliver high-accuracy location tracking for persons equipped with any type of low-cost Bluetooth wearable (e.g. wristbands, life-vests). BLEeper delivers superior coastal surveillance, compared to any other available solution, leading to significantly increased levels of safety during shoreline activities.

The project received the I4MS-SAE quality label from the ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) and Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiatives.

Watch the video below that explains the overall idea of BLEeper for delivering real-time location over a wide area:

Test deployment

The video below shows a 4-node configuration of BLEeper, consisting of 1 floating and 3 land nodes. The right part shows a user wearing a Bluetooth wristband as he walks across the beach. The left part shows his smartphone screen, projecting on the map both actual (from GPS) and BLEeper-detected locations.