Find My Friends v 5.0 – 5.1.2 (not supported in v 6.0+)

Waypoints are good for sending a location to a friend without requiring both of you using the app at the same time. So for example, the next time you can not find the bloody restaurant, ask your friend to send you its location. 😉

So, start the app and wait until the map is loaded:


Now press the contacts button contacts to select a network.


In this example, we will choose Facebook, but the procedure is exactly the same for any other network as well. So tap on the Facebook icon to see your friends who are available. Once your Facebook friends are loaded, you will see a list like this:


All available contacts have a tick icon tick on their left side. In contrast, an ornage circle icon indicates that this contact is not available. Now to send a waypoint, tap on the more options icon more and select “Send waypoint”:


You will have two options, either to send directly your current location or point a specific location on the map:


In the first case, simply define a waypoint name and press on “Send waypoint”. In the second case, long-press on the map to define a waypoint, which will be designated with a green marker green marker like this:


Tap on the green marker to define its name, and then send it to your friend:


Your friend (or you if someone else sends you a waypoint) will see the following notification:


Tap on “Download waypoint” to directly open Find My Friends, which will ask to check for new available waypoints. Please note that you can also check anytime for new waypoints by tapping on the more options button overflow (or overflow button) and select “My waypoints”:


Select “Yes” to download all waypoints that have been sent to you:


Finally, to see the sent waypoint on the map, simply check on the box on its right, and press OK:


You can tap on the waypoint marker to see its details, such as address and name:


Moreover, you can get real-time directions on the map by pressing the “Show route” button:


Alternatively, you can tap on the “Directions” button to exit Find My Friends and get turn-by-turn navigation from the Google maps app.

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