Another one RGB to HDMI solution for the Amiga 600, based on information found on c0pperdragon's and hoglet67's Github pages.


Towards intercepting the original Denise RGB signals, certain solutions use a PCB with a flexbile cable that connects them to the RGB adapter or a custom PCB with a cut-off in the middle.

This solution somehow "merges" the previous approaches; it is based on a small PCB that is used to intercept RGB signals from the A600 Denise chip and deliver them to the Raspbery Pi zero. On its bottom side, the PCB houses a PLCC-52, and on its top side a set of pins for mouting the Denise Amiga adapter PCB that is available on hoglet67 Github page. As suggested, the adapter CLK signal is fed from Denise's 7MHz signal.

This is the PCB stack that enables the HDMI output:

RGB2HDMI stack

And this is a 3D image from KiCAD:

RGB2HDMI adapter

Final installation on an Amiga 600: