Record close contacts

Find My Friends v6.1 and above

Find My Friends allows you to also record the activity of any close contact that shares his/her location with you. At any point you can select a date, and see all locations that a close contact has visited during this day. Open the app and tap the contacts button contacts : photo23 Tap on the contact’s image to edit its details: device-2016-05-15-192007 When its details screen is loaded, you will see this screen: device-2016-05-15-192107 Tap on the location recordings icon recordings to enable it: device-2016-05-15-201020 Select “Start”; the app will check every 15′ your contact’s location, and assuming that he/she is constantly sending his/her location to you, it will be recorded. Now, at least after 15′, tap again the location recordings icon recordings, and select “View”: device-2016-05-15-201104 When you tap it, the app will open a new map view with a calendar that marks all dates with available recordings with a (1) on its top right part. In this example, we have available recordings for Sun, May 5th 2016:


Tap on the date to see all available location recordings. On the top left part of the screen you can find a media-player style control panel, that allows you to browse through all recorded locations within the selected date. Slide the blue seek-bar to the right to go forward in time, or to the left to return at the beginning of this day. You can also use this buttons: start Start: shows each recorded location with a paused interval of 2 secs. pause Pause: suspends showing more recorded locations. begin Beginning: goes to the first recorded location of the day. end End: goes to the last recorded location of the day. If you wish to see the recorded locations of another day, simply tap on the dates icon calendar at the top of the screen. Also, do not forget that you can toggle any green or orange zones that you have defined for this close contact, by tapping on the “Toggle green zones” and “Toggle orange zones” respectively at the top part of the screen. device-2016-05-15-201227 Finally, to check out anytime all available recordings, switch to the Find My Friends widget and press the recordings icon recordings: device-2016-02-03-164256 Enjoy!
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