Find My Friends v 6.1 – v 6.1.3

Did you know that with Find My Friends you can donate to international humanitarian-aid non-governmental organizations, without spending a dime? 😉

What we do

The idea is simple: perform a task (e.g. watch a video or an ad) to help us collect funds and donate them to international humanitarian-aid non-governmental organizations.

How does it work

When you watch a video or an ad, we get compensated by the advertiser, so instead of keeping the money we will donate it.

Why we do it

We do this, because we want to help people that truly need it, and using our app is one way to accomplish it. It is as simple as that.

Past donations

Institute / Organization,Date (DD/MM/YYYY),Link,Amount (€)
Doctors Without Borders,20/09/2016,receipt,13.4
Doctors Without Borders,23/08/2016,receipt,13.2
Doctors Without Borders,18/07/2016,receipt,18.9
Doctors Without Borders,13/06/2016,receipt,17.7
Doctors Without Borders,15/05/2016,receipt,26.5

How to contribute

Start Find My Friends and tap on the donate icon charity:

device-2016-05-13-193836You will see the following screen:


All you have to do to either is to watch videos (by tapping on the video icon video ad) or ads (by tapping on the ad icon ad).

To make it a bit more interesting, we have implemented a simple scoring scheme scoring: if you watch a video, you get 2 points, and if you see an ad you get 1 point. You can check the leaderboard leaderboard to see your ranking  and why not try to accomplish all achievements achievements? 😉

Moreover, we will make sure to regularly post our activities on our Facebook page. You can also so that by tapping on the Facebook icon facebook.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your support!

Did something go wrong? Check this post on how to solve common issues. Need more help? Send us an email to info<at>

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