Find My Friends v 6.1 – v 6.1.3

You can create shortcuts on your home screen and/or as a notification for your close contacts. This way, you can ask to share locations only with a single tap!

To define a shortcut for a contact, open the app and tap the contacts button contacts :


Tap on the contact’s image to set up shortcuts:


When its details screen is loaded,  scroll down a bit to the “create shortcut” icon:


Tap on the shortcuts icon shortcut and you will see two choices, (a) create the shortcut as a notification, and (b) to your home screen:


If you tap “as notification”, the shortcut will be like this:


If you tap “to home screen”, the shortcut will be like this:


In either case, tap anytime on your shortcuts to directly share locations with your close contacts! 😉

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