Find My Friends v 6.1 – v 6.1.3

Find My Friends can help you also find where you parked your vehicle! Yes, you read it right!

So, the moment you arrive at your destination, switch to the Find My Friends widget and press the parking icon parking:


Alternatively, you can start the app, press the more icon more and then the parking icon parking:


You will see the following screen:


Tap on the tick icon tick to set your parking spot. Note that you can optionally write down certain parking details, such as the parking level (in case you are in a parking building) and/or your parking spot number:


Once you are done, tap on “Save parking spot” to save your parking location:


Taping on your parking spot marker, will show you the current address that you have parked:


Moreover, you can tap on the blue information bubble on top of the parking marker, to get turn-by-turn directions from the Google Maps application on how to get there!


To delete anytime your parking spot, simply tap on the icon delete. You can also send your parking location to any friend via email or SMS by pressing on the share icon share.

Finally, for your convenience, once you set a parking spot and exit the parking screen, Find My Friends will create a notification so you can quickly check at anytime where you parked:


Enjoy! 🙂

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