Find My Friends v 5.0 – 5.1.2 (not supported in v 6.0+)

Find My Friends allows you to directly send your phone number to a contact that has already also the app installed. All you need to know is the email that your friend has used during registration.

In this post we show how to setup your phone number and then how to add a phone/tablet contact in your list. Here we show how to automatically send your phone number to another Find My Friends user by only using his/her registered email. So open the app, tap on the more options button overflow (or overflow button) and select “Settings”:


Tap on the “Personal data” bubble and then on this icon invitation to insert the contact’s email that you wish to send your number:


Note that you need first to setup your phone number and also have already added your friend to your list. So make sure that you have followed this post before. Tap on the question mark questionmark to verify that the email you entered is a valid user. If it is ok, it will become a tick icon tick:


Press on “Send number” and your friend will receive this notification:


Your friend can press either “Import” to only add you in his/her list, or “Import and find” to also directly share locations with you. That’s it!


Did something go wrong? Check this post on how to solve common issues. Need more help? Send us an email to info<at>

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