Exchange locations with phone/tablet contacts

Find My Friends v 5.0 – 5.1.2 (not supported in v 6.0+)

Find My Friends allows you to share your location with any of your phone/tablet contacts who have also installed the app. First you need to setup your phone number, which is a one-time procedure. So open the app, tap on the more options button overflow (or overflow button) and select “Settings”: device-2015-06-06-193441 Tap on the “Personal data” bubble and then on the phone icon phone to setup your phone number. Select your country and enter your phone number without your international code and without any spaces, dashes or anything else: device-2015-06-07-102933 Please note that the exact number that Find My Friends will use, is composed by your country’s international code, followed by your phone number. Note that your friend should also follow this exact same procedure (again only once), in order to register his/her own number to Find My Friends. Once you confirm it, Find My Friends will ask you whether you would like to send it to a friend: device-2015-06-07-102951 You can use Facebook, Google+, email or SMS to send your exact number that Find My Friends uses to establish connection with your friends. Moreover, the app has already prepared an invitation that includes all steps that your friends need to follow, in order to add you to their list. For example, have a look at the pre-written invitation that you can send via email: device-2015-06-07-103051 Note that the above procedure is required only once; you should edit your phone number only if you change it. Now we can import phone/tablet contacts to Find My Friends. So from the map view, tap on the more options button overflow (or overflow button), select “Edit contacts” and choose “Phone contacts”: device-2015-06-06-191359 To add a new contact with whom you can share locations, tap on the plus button plus and select the contact you want. In this example we select “!Mark”: device-2015-06-07-103123 Once you press OK, Find My Friends will show all available phone numbers that you have for this contact: device-2015-06-07-103200 You need to select the one that your friend has added to his/her device when installed the app (similarly as we did at the beginning of this post for our device). In this example we choose the first number, since we know that !Mark has registered +305555555555 to Find My Friends. However, if you do not know which number your friend has used to register in Find My Friends, check this post. Once you select a number, the imported contact will be shown in the list, like this: device-2015-06-07-104137 Note the tick icon tick, which indicates that this contact has been successfully imported. In case you selected a number that does not match with a Find My Friends user, the contact will be shown with an exclamation mark exclamation mark like this: device-2015-06-07-103222 If that’s the case, then tap on more options more and select “Edit number”: device-2015-06-07-103252 Edit the number in such way in order to match exactly the one that your friend has used to register Find My Friends. Once the number has been successfully validated, tap on more options more and select “Find on map”: device-2015-06-07-103312 Of course there are other available actions: edit Edit number: use it to fine-edit the number of this contact, only in case you did a mistake. phone Select number: choose another number, only if this contact has changed his/her registered number to Find My Friends. map Find on map: tap on this icon to directly ask this contact to share locations on the map. distance Send location: send your current (i.e. not continuously) location to this contact. chat Chat: start chatting. waypoint Send waypoint: send your current location as a waypoint on the map that your friend can save. delete Delete contact: delete this contact from the list; note that of course it is not deleted from your device. 😉
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