Find My Friends v 6.1 – v 6.1.3

Location to browser is a cool feature that allows all users to send their real-time location to any device with a contemporary browser! This feature is extremely useful for cases where a user wants a close friend or family member to know his/her location even without having the app installed.

To use it, open the app, tap on the more options button more and select “Location to browser” location to browser:


You will see the following screen:


Tap on this button location to browser to generate a unique link, where everyone who visits it, can see your location for a specific amount of time before the link expires:


When the link is generated, this note will inform you that, depending on how heavily you use your device (e.g. watching videos, using the GPS, placing phone calls, etc), Android might pause the location-to-browser service. In that case, it will be restarted automatically. Moreover, there are other notification icons to let you know when your connection is slow / dropped, and the link is about to expire.

Press the “Send link” button:


You can use Facebook, Google+, regular email and SMS to share the generated link with anyone that you want to see your location in his/her internet browser. Don’t forget that you can always adjust the link duration with the seek-bar as well, lasting up to 1 hour! 😉

Finally, you can stop the location-to-browser service at anytime, by tapping the red button:



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