Wireless DF selector

The Wireless DF (WDF) selector allows users to boot an Amiga 500 from an internal or external drive. Instead of using a mechanical switch or multiple reset sequences to toggle between DF0 and DF1, WDF can be configured over a wireless connection.

Why bother?

Well, all this started to avoid modifications on the A500's precious case (like drilling to install a switch) 🙂. Also, it is more elegant to use wireless commands for toggling between DF0 and DF1, than multiple resets 😎.


The WDF concept is illustrated below:

Pins 13 (sel0) and 14 (sel1) from 8520A (even CIA) are connected to an MCU with wireless connection capability. Users can configure from an external device how these signals are forwarded to the A500 motherboard (MB), in order to select from which floppy drive the computer shall boot.


The images below show three WDF 3D models that are implemented with an ESP32 MCU, enabling switch configuration over Bluetooth connections:

ESP32 "in front" of 8520A (click here to build one):


ESP32 "behind" 8520A:


ESP32 "stacked" on top of 8520A (click here to build one):


A voltage convertor between 3.3V and 5V is used to allow communication between the ESP32 (3.3V) and the 8520A (5V).

WDF mounted above the floppy ribbon cable connector