nLiteApps has provided software and hardware solutions to the following H2020 / FP7 research projects and applications:

EXTRA DAE Reconfigurable Architecture

Project management, business plan and implementation support for the exploitation of the EXTRA DAE Reconfigurable Architecture; development effort is mainly focused on the deployment of virtual machines to FPGA-accelerated cloud computing infrastructure.

Disaggregated Data Center in a Box

Design and implementation of a remote memory access controller onto reconfigurable logic (FPGA), as well as its interface to the system hypervisor for remote memory block allocation purposes.

Remote resource management hardware IP for disaggregated platforms

Exploitation of the hardware memory controller developed for the dRedBox H2020 project; the project is focused on the development of a monetization strategy for the IP. The project received the I4MS-SAE quality label from the ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs (I4MS) and Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiatives.

Agile, eXtensible, fast I/O Module for the cyber-physical era

Reconfigurable interconnect logic and interfaces development to Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) including FPGA chips; the interconnect provides acceleration functions for applications, operating system, and the task-based AXIOM programming model.

on-Demand System Reliability

Development of a run-time software framework for fault-tolerant scheduling of application tasks to available embedded processing resources (soft-core processors and hardware accelerators).

Find My Friends Android application

Development of the “Find My Friends” (now rebranded to “Find My Friends and Colleagues”) mobile application for Android devices; the application provides location-based services to end-users, as well as Bluetooth device tracking capabilities.

The app has been ranked 3rd in the Efarmogiada 2015 contest (in Greek).

Fastapp Android application

Development of the “Fastapp” mobile application for Android devices; the application allows end users to practice fundamental mathematical skills (addition and subtraction) in the form of a level-based game.