Find My Friends v 6.0 and above

As with every app out there, there can be cases where something goes wrong. In this post, we provide troubleshooting for the most common issues.

 I started the app, but I cannot find my friends

To find your friends, you need to be logged in to at least one of the supported social networks, that is Facebook, and Google+. Check this post that shows how to share locations with friends.

Find My Friends cannot lock on my location

Whenever you open Find My Friends, it checks if a location provider is enabled. If not, then you will not be able to see your location on the map, and of course exchange it with others. To enable your Location, go to your device’s “Settings” Settings-L-icon → “Location” and set the switch to ON:


Location provider is enabled, but still can not get my location

We are aware of cases where after enabling a location provider, the device can not find the user’s location. This is a known issue from the Google Play services, and the only current solution is to restart your device. If you are interested into technical issues, you may press this link.

Cannot use Find My Friends when abroad

When abroad, roaming is most probably enabled, hence all data connections are disabled to avoid any increased charges. Internet access is mandatory to use Find My Friends, hence please try to connect to a Wifi network or get a prepaid card to avoid excessive charging.

How can I get the fastest and most accurate location acquisition?

To get the most accurate location acquisition, you need to go to your device’s “Settings” Settings-L-icon → “Location” and select the “Location mode” to “High accuracy”:


Moreover, you need also to enable the “High GPS accuracy level” within the app settings:


I still have a problem, what should I do?

For any question or suggestion you may have, we are always available to help you. Kindly, send us an email to info<at> stating your issue, and we will reply directly. 😉

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