Find My Friends v 8.xx

In this tutorial we show how to use Find My Friends in order to exchange locations with friends from Facebook.

Open the app and tap on the + button:

Select “Add Facebook contact”; if you haven’t logged in to Facebook, the app will ask you to do it. Then you will see all your friends who have also installed the app (if a friend of yours is not found in the list, ask him/her to install the app and login to Facebook):

Tap on your friend with whom you would like to share locations. The app will show his/her profile picture on the top-left corner:

Notice the circle surrounding the friend’s profile picture; orange means that this friend has not granted access to his/her location yet, whereas green means that he/she has accepted sharing locations with you:

As shown in the screenshot above, as soon as the circle becomes green, the app shows your friend’s location on the map. Note that you will get an update of a friend’s location every 5′.

Happy location sharing! 🙂

Find My Friends v 6.1 – v 6.1.3

In this tutorial we show how to use Find My Friends in order to exchange locations with friends from social networks. In this example we use Facebook, but the exact same procedure is valid for friends from Google and your email contacts.

So, start the app and tap the contacts button contacts


You will load your close contacts list.


Tap the plus button to load your Facebook, Google+ or email contacts. In this example we select Facebook but you can follow the exact same procedure to add a Google+ or email friend in your close contacts.


Once your contacts are loaded you will see a list like the one bellow. Note the green tick icon on the right of each name, which indicates that this contact has installed the app, and is available to add into your list. If a contact has a red exclamation mark next to it, then this contact has to first install the app, before you can add him/her into your list.


Tap on the contact that you wish to add in your list (and has a green tick icon next to it). In this example, Bill has the app installed, so he is added to our list. Optionally, you can set a nickname (e.g. dad, my best friend, etc). Once you add your contact in the list, you will see a short set of instructions on how to edit various details (set map zones, proximity alerts, location recordings,, start chatting and toggle location transmission on the background.


That’s it! From now on, to share locations with your friend, simply tap on the marker button.


Select “Yes” and wait until you see your friend’s location on the map.


For every contact that you share locations, you have also the following options:
chat Start chatting.
directions Show directions to get to your friend’s location.
navigation Open the Google maps app to get turn-by-turn navigation on how to get to your friend’s location; note that the app will be stopped and guide you to his/her last location.
chat Toggle any map zones that you have defined for your friend.

Happy location sharing! 🙂

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