Block contacts

Find My Friends v 5.0 – 5.1.2 (not supported in v 6.0+)

This post shows you how to block a contact, and never receive any kind of notifications. Find My Friends allows users to share locations and chat with any contact from all major social networks. Hence, in case you want to block a contact, simply open the app, tap on the more options button overflow (or overflow button), select “Edit contacts” and choose “Blocked contacts”: device-2015-06-06-191359 Now, to block a contact, tap on the plus button plus, select the network and then contact you want: device-2015-06-07-100708 Note that you can block only contacts who have already installed the app, designated by the globe icon globe. Select the contact that you wish to block and press “OK”. Your contact will be added to the list like this: device-2015-06-07-100731 You can always unblock a contact by pressing the delete button delete.
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